What and Why the Laser Plasma Lighter?

What and Why the Laser Plasma Lighter?

Plasma laser lighters are a new breed of lighters cultivating from a new technology. They first started to appear on the market mid to late 2015 used for candles, cigarettes and cigars they are superior to traditional lighters quite a few ways. The plasma laser lighters come as either a single arc or double arc set up, the double arc increases the lighter surface area meaning it lights things a little easier (and looks a bit cooler) but uses more battery.

These types of lighters are flameless, wind-proof and fuel free which is advantageous in a number of scenarios, especially if it's windy or moist. One of the things which makes these lighters so amazing is once they run out of charge (usually 100 - 300 lights) you can recharge them via a micro USB port and charging cable provided, so they recharge using the same connection as android phones, portable speakers and PS4 controllers, no need for a special type of charger.

The fuel free aspect as well as the longevity of the lighters, which only need a recharge to be as good as new, compared to disposable lighters where an estimated over 1.5 billion end up as landfill waste, means arc lighters are a lot more environmentally friendly reducing material wastage and carbon based fuel usage.

If there's one disadvantage it is the high pitch sound given off by the frequency of the plasma arcs, which I personally find fine but some may find irritating, but most people get used to the sound after only a few uses. 

Watch a Flux Plasma Lighter in action:

Flux Lighters in action! from Rob on Vimeo.


Zapping a finger in an old model